Applis allows you to access quality publications, network and interact with leading experts, and have a forum to exchange ideas and share your innovative thinking. We work to advance our objective by encouraging worldwide membership and delivering our science and technology to the world.
As an Applis member, you can take advantage of many benefits.
Member Benefits:

Applis membership provides a wealth of professional resources, news, knowledge and keeps you up to date with the latest research, features, opinions, and trends across the various fields of science.

Receive electronic announcements of upcoming events, call for papers, and new member benefits.

Sharing best practices, exchanging innovative ideas.

The Applis Blog is a one stop shop for all the latest research. It also includes editor’s picks, research projects, graduations, and a lot more.

Organization/Institution Benefits:

As a Applis member, your organization/institution has more research exposure and allows your authors to publish more content in an open access format, leading to wider dissemination and increased potential for downloads and citations.

Be a part of broad community advocating for shared goals and enjoy access to Applis journals expertise for timely policy.

Special Issues Importance and Discounts:

All Applis journals features Special Issues that are designed to draw attention of under-researched or controversial topics or new emerging themes in international research.

Applis’ rigorous promotion of special features ensures it reaches fellow researchers, policy-makers, and the interested public worldwide.

35% discount on special issue publications.

Global Outreach:

In recognition of the significant challenges faced by scientists in resource- limited countries.

icon1 Applis offers free membership to qualified scientists in eligible countries.

icon1 Benefits include full access to Applis scientific journals, as well as all other benefits associated with full Applis membership.

icon1 Interact with leading experts, and have a forum to exchange ideas and share your innovative thinking.

icon1 Stay up-to-date on the operations of the Applis, and the broad and exciting activities of our members.

Networking and Collaboration:

Applis empowers an inclusive community of members with networking and collaborations to thrive in the global economy. This value is particularly important because it broadens Applis area of contribution and influence.

Network with your peers:

Engage with like-minded individuals and make connections through communities of experts in specialized areas.
Applis membership connects you with leading research and helps you build professional relationships with scientists from the around the world.

Network with industry leaders:

Optimizing performance through shared resources and responsibility promotes scientific interactions electronically through active collaboration spaces.

Be a part of this dynamic national and international scientific network, increase your expertise, and make an impact on your profession and community.

Talent Hub:

The Young Scientist program is dedicated to developing exciting events and putting initiatives in motion that are tailored to meet the needs of young scientists within Applis.

Benefits of the program:

icon1Promotes the interests of young scientists by securing additional benefits of membership such as reduced membership fees, Young scientist award etc;

icon1Provides opportunities to share and exchange scientific experience, present their work to an international audience electronically and promote their scientific future.

icon1Inexpensive and innovative networking events with fellow Young Scientists and other colleagues to build their career and develop professionally.

Discover what’s next, take advantage of targeted networking, and build your career with Applis.

Scientific recognition:

Applis recognition programs promote the important work of labs and enhance corporate and academic recognition within the scientific community as well.

Discounted rates on advertising scientific meetings, programs and conferences to promote wider exposure of research practices.

Investigate new membership models:

Promoting and building network by joining in Applis LinkedIn features and other social networking sites.

We’re always looking for new ideas and ways to increase communication and networking among members; new ideas and members are always welcome.