About Us

About Us

About Us

Applis is an international open-access scientific publisher that showcases high quality research and innovative ideas thus fostering excellence in science and medicine and makes an impact on health care and practice for the benefit of Society.
We strongly believe that accessing, sharing and dissemination of knowledge are crucial factors for the development of society and this is achieved by addressing important social concerns like better health, new therapies, and disease prevention strategies. Hence, we rely on technological and communication platform to promote open access to create and validate knowledge. We support the development of science as a public good, available at no charge to all our readers; rather than restricting that as an activity conducted behind closed doors with paid subscriptions.
Applis as an open access platform dedicated to publish high quality original scientific studies, reviews, letters, groundbreaking and provocative editorials to advance innovation, excellence and dissemination of research worldwide.
In line with the commitment, our peer-reviewed journals bring together the outstanding scientists, physicians, and health professionals to publish cutting edge research on a wide range of topics. Thus Applis adds value to scholarly work through diligent editorial involvement, professional copy-editing, proofreading and worldwide dissemination, while reflecting the best practice in upholding the principles of transparency and publication ethics.
Applis’s efforts align mainly with its objective: “To advance scholarly publishing and communication, and the professional development of its members through education, collaboration, and networking” to create an innovation ecosystem. Applis strives to expertly publish timely, peer-reviewed articles and help authors present their work in a particularly engaging way, making all articles available in multiple formats such as PDF and HTML format.
We invite you to support open access and strive to build a sustainable, interactive and transparent research literature. Thus Applis empower the transformative change by providing up-to-date scientific and clinically relevant information that has the potential to inform and impact medical practice.


To advance, promote, and serve the science and art of medicine for the benefit of humanity.


icon1 Enhance data access and utilization.

icon1 Accelerate the process of scientific discovery to improve health.

icon1 Bridging the gap between research findings and practice for the benefit of public good.

icon1 Stimulating innovation and research through an open source web platform.

icon1 Visibility of research in less developed countries.

icon1 Building a pipeline of scientific talent.

icon1 Sustainable global scientific knowledge base.

icon1 Harmonize the open access Eco-system.

Goals & Objectives

In an effort to achieve its mission and vision, the Applis will focus its efforts in these overarching areas:

icon1 Advancing open access, data preservation, and enhancement of wider dissemination of research literature with greatest impact by allowing others to cite, reuse, create, utilize and share information and knowledge, enabling individuals, communities and peoples to achieve their full potential.

icon1 Offers a breadth of scientific knowledge covering new technologies and science in the multi-disciplinary delivery field.

icon1 To maintain the highest standards of editorial integrity independent of any special interests.

icon1 To publish outstanding articles reporting the findings of original investigations that expand understanding of the wide-ranging field of health care and help improve the health of individuals and communities.

icon1 Ensure the quality of scientific data produced by peer review mechanisms and schemes that guarantee scientific integrity and ethics.

icon1 Expand our mission by encouraging worldwide membership and delivering our science and technology to the world.

icon1 Attracting the highest quality science and research for publication.

icon1 To take a leading role in efforts to improve the effectiveness of international science cooperation.

icon1 Scientific collaborations create a knowledge and innovation ecosystem between industry and academia.

icon1 To use technologies to drive innovation and improve the communication of journal content.

icon1 To improve the quality of scientific content by competing with other top general medical journals for high-quality research and other contributions.

icon1 To allow the use of social media tools and strategies for more visibility and global readership.

icon1 Provide accurate and up-to-date scientific and clinical information for physicians and others on the promotion of health and the treatment of disease.

icon1 To Provide a voice for science on societal issues.