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Segura Aguilar Juan Ernesto (Editor-in-Chief)

Professor, Program of Molecular & Clinical Pharmacology, ICBM, Faculty of Medicine, University of Chile, Chile.
Research Areas: Neurochemical Mechanisms for Neurodegenerative Disorders like Parkinson´s disease, Preclinical model to design and test new drugs for Parkinson´s disease treatment.


Biography: Professor Juan Segura-Aguilar is leader in the field of mechanisms for neurodegeneration and neuroprotection related to dopamine oxidation to o-quinones such as aminochrome in Parkinson´s disease. He is also leader in preclinical models for Parkinson´s disease by proposing aminochrome as a new model.
In 1989 get the Ph.D. in Biochemistry at Stockholm University, Sweden. In 1993-1998 get an appointment as Associate Professor at department of Pharmaceutical Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Faculty, University Uppsala, Sweden. In 1998 get a position at Molecular & Clinical Pharmacology, ICBM, Faculty of Medicine, University of Chile, Santiago, Chile as associate Professor and in 2001 become full Professor.
In 2001 he was founder of the Neurotoxicity Society and he was President-elect 2001-2003; President 2003-2005; Secretary from 2005-2013 of Neurotoxicity Society. He organized six successful international meetings in Chile of Neurotoxicity Society (Pucon 2001, La Serena 2003, Viña del Mar 2005, Pucon 2007, Arica 2009 and Valdivia 2013. He organized SNF NTS satellite meetings in San Diego 2004 and Washington D.C. 2005, USA. He organized NTS satellite meetings in Patagonia, 2007, Chile, Machu Pichu 2009, Peru, Easter Island 2013, Chile.
He has more than 120 publications including ISI journals, chapters and editor of a book and received many awards and one patent.