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Withdrawal Policy

Applis Publishers are committed to providing high-quality articles and uphold the publication ethics to advance the intellectual agenda of science. We expect our authors to comply with, best practice in publication ethics as well as in quality of their articles.
Few of the authors request withdrawal of manuscript from the publication process after submission or after publication. In some instances the request for withdrawal is made when the manuscript is only a few days away from publication in the journal. This may cause the time waste by the editors, reviewers and the editorial staff.
To evade gratuitous withdrawal of manuscripts Applis publishers declared the below withdrawal policy. The corresponding author or co-authors should address the below statement before sending a request for withdrawal.
All authors include corresponding and co-authors should confirm the number of authors, authorship, approval and integrity of the manuscript before submission. In case of any differences of opinion, address the concerns of all the authors before submitting the manuscript for publication.

Unethical withdrawal

Advanced stage in the editorial process, when peer reviews were near completion was unacceptable unless there are compelling reasons.
If the author withdraws a manuscript after publication, the article publication charges, if paid by the authors, will not be refunded.
If the authors do not reply to communication from the editorial office, even after multiple reminders, at any stage of the publication process; Applis publishers holds all rights to disclose the conduct of the authors and content of the manuscript without further approval from the authors, and cannot be held responsible for the consequences arising from it.
Withdrawal of a manuscript will be permitted only for the most compelling and unavoidable reasons. For withdrawal of a manuscript authors need to submit an “Article withdrawal Form”, signed by all authors mentioning the reason for withdrawal to the Editorial Office. The form is available from the editorial office of the journal. Authors must not assume that their manuscript has been withdrawn until they have received appropriate notification to this effect from the editorial office.

Manuscript withdrawal charges

The author is allowed to withdraw the manuscript without paying any withdrawal penalty, if the author(s) requests a withdrawal of manuscript, within 48 hours of submission.
If the author(s) requests a withdrawal of manuscript, after the peer review process or in the production stage (Early Release or Ahead of publishing) or published online; then authors need to make a withdrawal penalty.
Applis publishers Editorial Office will provide the corresponding author a formal letter of Manuscript Withdrawal. Withdrawal of manuscripts is only allowed after withdrawal penalty has been fully paid to the Applis publishers Editorial Office.
As per the policy, we declare that the withdrawal charges are applicable in case of withdrawal.
As we process article within 14 days, an author is free to withdraw an article within the first 5 days of its initial submission. Once the article has gone through the peer review process we incur costs on our end that need to be reimbursed, for which we charge a minimal amount of 40% of the applicable APC.