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Publication Ethics and Consent

Ethics and Consent
1. Where applicable, Applis Publishers requires that authors provide an Ethics statement which details the relevant ethical standards which were met when conducting the research.
2. Ethics statements are required whenever research is conducted on humans or human tissue; on animals or animal tissue; or whenever the approval of an Institutional Review Board (IRB) was required.
3. In addition to providing an Ethics statement upon submission (for review purposes), this same statement should also be provided in the Materials and Methods section of the manuscript.
4. Where IRB approval was required, the authors must provide an ethics statement as part of their Materials and Methods section detailing full information regarding their approval (including the name of the granting organization, and the approval reference numbers). If an approval reference number is not provided, written approval must be provided as confidential supplemental file.
Applis Publishers adheres to the prevailing industry standards and procedures for investigating publication ethics.
Applis Publishers does not allow dual publication (the same material published twice in the peer reviewed literature), or dual submission (the same material simultaneously submitted to more than one journal).
Specifically, Applis Publishers does not tolerate plagiarism, data or figure manipulation, knowingly providing incorrect information, copyright infringement, inaccurate author attributions, attempts to inappropriately manipulate the peer review process, failures to declare conflicts of interest, fraud, and libel. This list is not exhaustive – if there is uncertainty of what constitutes such actions, then more resources may be found at the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), the Council of Science Editors (CSE), or the World Association of Medical Editors (WAME).
Applis Publishers will rigorously enforce our standards, and follow up on any transgressions. In extreme cases, this may call for individuals to be reported to their institutions and/or for manuscripts to be retracted. Any complaints should be directed to contact@applispublishers.com