Recent Advances in Arthroplasty (RAA) Current Issue

Recent advances in Arthroplasty

Current Issue

Volume 1, Issue 2

Case Report: Recent Advances in Arthroplasty (RAA)

Mid-Term follow up of Bilateral THA performed after Failed Core Decompression and Porous Tantalum Rod insertion for Femoral Head Osteonecrosis: a Case Report.

Carlos J. Lavernia, Anneliese D. Heiner, Jose C. Alcerro, Jesus M. Villa, Thomas W. Bauer

Published on: 1 October 2017

Review Article: Recent Advances in Arthroplasty (RAA)

Social Networking Use in Joint Replacement and Adult Reconstruction Surgery Patients.

Zachary Wilseck, Gregory Golladay, Shane Hess and Timothy D. Johnson

Published on: 5 October, 2017

Case Series: Recent Advances in Arthroplasty (RAA)

Simultaneous Bilateral Total Knee Arthroplasty is the Risk of Vascular Complications on Hemodialysis Patients. A Case Report of Superior Mesenteric Artery Occlusion.

Tsuyoshi Nakai, Hiroyuki Tsukazaki, Daisuke Tateiwa, Kosuke Sakata, Sanae Kuroda and Hirokazu Iwata.

Published on: 26 October, 2017

Original Article: Recent Advances in Arthroplasty (RAA)

Evaluation of Femoral Neck Anteversion using Digital Radiography.

Vipin Sharma, Krishna Kumar and Pawan K Soni.

Published on: 26 October, 2017