Neurosurgery Open-(NSO) Publication Fee

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Publication Fee

As an open access publisher, Applis journals are committed to ensuring permanent and universal free access to all published articles, unlike closed-access journals which limit their readership to those able to pay subscription fees. This means that Applis Publisher does not receive any income from either subscriptions or article views/downloads. The current publication fee in all Applis journals is $650 for all research and review articles and with lower fees for case Reports and communications, which are both $550.
Authors are asked to pay APC’s upon acceptance of their article. These charges are used to finance the whole publication and archiving process, including peer review, editing, proof-reading and copy-editing, and hosting and maintenance.

Publication Fee:

Research and Review articles – $650
Case Reports and Communications – $550

Color illustrations are free of charge, just as supplemental material.
The author’s university or institution may cover the publication costs for articles resulting from research undertaken at the university or institution.
Authors who lack the funds to cover publication fees may request a discount. In order to keep publication charges as low as possible, fee discounts are not automatically given but must be approved on a case-by-case basis, and authors from developing and transitional countries are given priority