Investigative Forensic Sciences (IFS) Editorial Board

Investigative forensic Sciences (IFS)

Editorial Board


Peter de B. Harrington (Editor-in-Chief)

Professor & Director, Center for Intelligent Chemical Instrumentation, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Clippinger Labs, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, USA.
Research Areas: Chemometrics Forensic Chemistry.


Tony Falsetti

Anthony B. Falsetti

Professor of Practice, Barrett Honors College Faculty, School of Mathematical & Natural Sciences, New College of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, Arizona State University, Phoenix, USA.
Research Areas: Forensic Anthropology, Human Biology, Quantitative Methods, Human Growth and Development, Mass Fatality Response and Recovery, Human Rights.



John Zheng Wang

Professor of Criminology, Criminal Justice, and Forensic Studies & Director of Certificate Programs in Forensic Studies and High-Tech Crime, California State University-Long Beach, California, USA.
Research Areas: Quantitative examination of fingerprints at scenes, Elemental analysis of compound substance using portable FTIR, Digital examinations of partial-full fingerprints, Firearms and Trace evidence.



Lori J. Wilson

Professor of Chemistry & Director of Forensic Science Program, Department of Chemistry, Eastern Kentucky University, Kentucky, USA.
Research Areas: Forensic Microscopy, Trace Evidence, Environmental Forensics, Analytical Chemistry.



Duane L. Dobbert

Professor, Division of Justice Studies, Florida Gulf Coast University, Florida, USA.
Research Areas: Forensic Behavioural analysis, Child Abduction, Serial Sexual Predators, and Lust Homicide.



Zeno Geradts

Professor of Digital Technology and Biometrics Section, Netherlands Forensic Institute, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Research Areas: Forensic Science, Cyber forensics, Forensic ict, Digital evidence and multimedia, Face comparison, Biometrics, Video analysis, R&D coordination.



Robert W. Mann

Adjunct Professor, Departments of Anatomy and Pathology (joint appointments), John A. Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawaii, and a former Founding Director, Forensic Science Academy, USA.
Research Areas: Forensic anthropology, Human skeleton, Bone disease, Bone trauma, Non-metric traits and anatomical variants of the human skeleton, and Developmental anomalies of the human skeleton.



Claudio Hernández Cueto

Professor, Department of Legal Medicine, Toxicology & Physical Anthropology, University of Granada School of Medicine, Spain.
Research Areas: Forensic and legal medicine.



Cristoforo Pomara

Associate Professor of Anatomy, Department of Anatomy at University of Malta and Associate Professor of Forensic Medicine, Department of Legal medicine, Faculty of Medicine & Surgery, at University of Foggia, Italy.
Research Areas: Forensic Medicine, Forensic Pathology and Autopsy.



Constantinos Pistos

Assistant Professor of Toxicology, Department of Chemistry, West Chester University, West Chester, USA.
Research Areas: Forensic and Clinical Toxicology, Pharmaceutical analysis and bio-analysis, Quality Control of drugs, Bioequivalence and pharmacokinetic studies of generic drugs.



Kathryn C. Seigfried-Spellar

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer and Information Technology, Purdue University, Indiana, USA.
Research Areas: Cybercrime and Theory, Forensic Psychology, Digital Forensic Investigations, Applied Statistics, Research Methods, Sexual Deviance.



Konstantinos Moraitis

Assistant Professor in Forensic Anthropology, Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, School of Medicine, ​National and Kapodistrian ​University of Athens, Greece.
Research Areas: Forensic anthropology, Skeletal biology, Bone disease, Skeletal trauma analysis, Forensic taphonomy, and Forensic age estimation of living individuals.



Seldan Mercan

Assistant Professor, Institute of Forensic Sciences, Istanbul University, Turkey.
Research Areas: Forensic pharmacogenetics, CYP450 enzymes, Toxic metals and intoxications, Epigenetics, DNA damage, Analytical techniques(ICP-MS, GC-MS, LC-MS/MS etc.), Sample preparation, Biological samples.



Constantine Eliopoulos

Lecturer in Forensic Anthropology, School of Natural Sciences and Psychology, Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, Uk.
Research Areas: Forensic Anthropology, Human Skeletal Variation, Palaeopathology, Forensic Taphonomy, Mass Grave Investigation.