Advances in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (APRS) Membership

Advances in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (APRS)


Applis Publshers allows you to access quality publications, network and interact with leading experts, and have a forum to exchange ideas and share your innovative thinking. We work to advance our objective by encouraging worldwide membership and delivering our science and technology to the world.
Membership Benefits:
Nearly 60% discount on registration to the membership plan.
Zero APC and Unrestrained submissions for one year.
Scientific recognition: Applis recognition programs promote the important scientific work and enhance corporate and academic recognition within the scientific community as well.
Discounted rates on advertising scientific meetings, programs and conferences to promote wider exposure of research practices.
As an Applis member, your organization/institution has more research exposure and allows your authors to publish more content in an open access format, leading to wider dissemination and increased the potential for downloads and citations.
Special Issues Importance and Discounts: All Applis journals features Special Issues that are designed to draw attention to under-researched or controversial topics or new emerging themes in international research.
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